Information for New Parents


Starting a new supplementation program can be somewhat overwhelming for parents and children alike.  At lifetrients we strive to help new parents by giving them the tools necessary to ensure their child’s smooth transition into their supplementation routine. 

We’ve been thrilled with the benefits many families have reported. With some children the benefits may take a little longer to achieve.
All children are different and respond in different ways and at different times (and as with any supplementation program, some may not respond at all.)  Just remember to stick with it!

New parents can take advantage of our Starter Kit to begin the speak supplementation program.  The contents of the Starter Kit include
2 boxes of speak (approximately a 2 month supply) and all the information needed to get started.  Remember, you can visit our complimentary Download Resource Center for support materials as well. 


A few tips to get started and what to expect:


If your child is already taking individual fish oil and vitamin E supplements:  First determine the current serving amount of the active omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and vitamin E (if any) that your child is receiving with the existing supplement  (usually listed clearly on the "Supplement Facts" panel.  Be sure to determine the amount per serving or per capsule.)  This will provide you a baseline from which to start for an equivalent serving. For example, some families administer both "High EFA" and High EPA" supplements. Shown below is a chart illustrating the amounts of each ingredient and how two capsules of speak provide the essential equivalent to three capsules of the other supplements plus additional nutrients in lifetrients speak provide added benefits and nutrient balance, not found in other omega-3 supplements.


  High EFA
2 caps
High EPA
1 cap
2 caps
EPA 270 425 725 mg
DHA 180 100 275 mg
GLA 66   60 mg
Vitamin E (Alpha)     500 IU
Vitamin E (Gamma)     200 mg
Vitamin K1     2 mg
Vitamin K2     300 mcg

If your child isn't currently taking omega-3 fish oil or vitamin E supplements: Start with one (1) capsule of lifetrients speak daily.  After two (2) weeks, increase the serving to one capsule 2 times daily until reaching a serving of two capsules twice per day over eight (8) weeks (4 capsules total).  If you believe that your child will benefit from additional supplementation beyond four (4) capsules, regardless of previous omega-3 supplementation, check with your healthcare practitioner (e.g.: Medical Doctor, Registered Dietitian, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy).

What to expect:  Emotional outbursts and transient moods are common when children begin supplementing with omega-3 supplements.  Each child is different.  If your child has been 'very compliant', a change in this behavior may be considered normal.  Parents have reported the "Tasmanian Devil" effect, where children become very active, oppositional but in time (2-3 weeks) there is rebalance.

Some children may experience loose stools when they begin supplementation with oil-based capsules; this usually resolves quickly.

Moodiness, irritability, and emotional outbursts are commonly reported in children during the first few days/weeks of omega-3 supplementation; however, this may be a positive indication that changes are occurring.

The best, easiest and most cost effective way to begin your child on speak supplementation program is by purchasing our lifetrients speak Starter Kit.  It provides everything you need from frequently asked questions and proper dosage information to daily/weekly logs for ease of sharing your child's progress.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 800.471.0358 or email us at It's always best to check with your physician before starting any new supplementation program.

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