About Lifetrients

Lifetrients goals are to contribute to major improvements in health and wellness by addressing the nutritional needs of children worldwide. Founded by nutrition industry veterans, we partner with expert scientists and nutritionists passionate about health. We have a strong interest in addressing deficiencies most typically involving omega-3, vitamin E and vitamin D.

Lifetrients believes in supporting those organizations who share our mission intertwining product support with philanthropic activities throughout the spectrum in helping to build better lives and futures for our children.

  • Supporting the special nutritional needs of children in over 50 countries
  • Licensing a patented omega-3, vitamin E formulation from Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute
  • Earning endorsements and recommendations from pediatricians and other healthcare providers worldwide
  • Ensuring quality and safety to the highest GMP standards
  • Providing individualized support to families and physicians alike
  • Continuing to proudly serve customers for over 10 years

Our Experienced Team

Our team of industry professionals brings more than 100 years of combined experience in business, product development, quality management in manufacturing and packaging, marketing and sales support, technical know-how, finance and logistics. Together they offer seamless support to our families, healthcare professionals, distribution and contract manufacturing partners. Key team leaders include:

The Lifetrients Family of Products

Formulated by a pediatrician and noted researcher, the speak® formulation contains 7 nutrients in precise doses and ratios for children with special nutritional requirements. Speak is available in four different forms: capsule, twist off capsules, speak Smooth, and Pure Oil.

Providing Quality GMP Products

Lifetrients’ GMP systems and procedures assure total product quality and safety. Our mission remains to provide quality products, manufactured under GMP conditions, that meet the demanding requirements of our clients.

OUR Partners

Lifetrients is proud partners of the following organizations:

  • Austism Hope Alliance

    Austism Hope Alliance

  • Taca Loco

    Taca Loco

  • Maps

    Maps ®

  • MSF


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